Insight / Understanding / Communication

HighPoint Planning Partners uses a comprehensive discovery process to help you pursue your financial objectives, which begins with learning all we can about you. Knowing what is important provides a vital foundation for determining which investment choices might be right for you.

We take the time to understand your overall lifestyle and personal needs to make informed decisions. We listen carefully to understand your short and long-term goals and discuss how your goals may impact your financial plan. We show you where you are today and work with you to personalize the steps involved in helping you pursue your financial goals.

Based on your unique situation, we present a variety of possible strategies and help you determine which may be most appropriate for your situation. Once we agree on the right plan for you, we leverage our knowledge and substantial resources to ensure it is fully implemented and properly monitored. We continuously review your financial strategy and make recommendations on new ways to approach your goals, as needed.

We recognize that you have your own preference for the frequency and manner in which we communicate with you regarding your financial plan. Just as we create a financial plan tailored to your individual needs, we also strive to understand the best way to keep you informed. We are respectful of your time and your privacy and tailor our service schedule to your tastes.

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