Transitions / Service

Transitions / Service

HighPoint Advisor Group provides onsite and/or remote transition assistance, training and repapering for its financial professionals. Our process allows advisors to focus the majority of their time on what’s most important: managing client relationships and transferring assets as quickly as possible to increase return on investment. During the transition phase, our goal is to help advisors integrate their existing business into HighPoint’s platform, and expedite the transfer of assets while ensuring a smooth transition for the advisor, the firm, and the clients they support.

When you choose independence with HighPoint Advisor Group, you can expect a streamlined transition process in partnership with dedicated personnel committed to helping you achieve your business goals.  Once you have completed your transition, you will find in HighPoint a partner who stands ready to assist you in launching your newly branded personal practice.  The transition process represents the initial phase of your new career – one in which you will independently own and operate your own business.  A business where you keep more of what you earn, work towards achieving significant growth of your practice and control your destiny.  It is the first step on a path toward greater success which HighPoint will support with the full capabilities of the firm.



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