HighPoint Planning Partners and HighPoint Advisor Group offer a broad range of innovative investment strategies, from traditional and specialized equity to taxable and municipal fixed income options.

With strategies that span multiple asset classes, HighPoint Planning Partners’ approach to equity and fixed income investing is driven by integrated research and risk management processes and seeks to achieve returns consistent with the given investment objective of the client. Our investment committee, dedicated analysts and experienced portfolio managers proactively look for opportunities to capitalize on market dynamics and seek to protect downside market exposure, depending upon the advisor-selected or advisor-managed model. Our advisors and portfolio managers customize portfolio construction with security selection in order to aim for optimal portfolio risk/return profiles given the client guidelines.

HighPoint Planning Partners offer individual advisor management as well as a collaborative approach with access to multi-strategy portfolio management, all of which look to emphasize quality and ingenuity.

*No strategy assures success or protects against loss

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