HighPoint Planning Partners looks to help clients navigate the path to and through retirement. Whether those clients are just getting started on their professional journey and are interested in streamlined savings strategies, or are looking at more complex issues associated with near-term retirement, such as optimizing Social Security benefits, whether or not to participate in a pension buyout, or how to reduce debt immediately prior to retirement, HighPoint provides clients with guidance, tools, and services to work towards those goals, together.

HighPoint offers retirement planning advice for a number of life stages:

Planning for Retirement. For clients just getting started, HighPoint advisors are able to develop financial planning strategies that include projected income needs in retirement and savings plans geared towards striving to meet those needs – from five years out to thirty. HighPoint advisors leverage top-notch financial planning tools and software to provide Monte Carlo scenarios on which to build those saving and lifestyle strategies.

Ready for Retirement. Once retirement is imminent, within a one to five-year timeframe, HighPoint advisors understand that the client’s needs and therefore, investment objectives and perhaps risk appetite will have changed. Retirement planning may become more involved at this time, as consideration is given to Social Security benefits, health, life and long term care insurance needs, and even legacy planning in the event of an untimely passing. HighPoint advisors understand that living well and feeling secure in retirement is not solely about generating a steady stream of income. Planning in this stage of life is essential.

Retirement Income. While only one piece of the complex retirement puzzle, income in retirement tends to be the chief concern of retirees. HighPoint advisors understand that quality of life in retirement is essential and maintaining that through a consistent and reliable income stream is the goal of most retirees. Ongoing advice in retirement often centers not only on income, but also on principal preservation and certainly risk management.

Retirement Portfolio Analysis and Management. HighPoint advisors are well-versed in managing across multiple investment platforms. Retirees often earn income from numerous sources – IRA and Roth IRA investments, annuities, 401Ks, corporate or government pensions, social security and often inheritance monies from legacy estate planning – all of which should be reviewed in aggregate by a qualified professional.

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